The Tuesday morning breakfast has been cancelled until March 12, 2019.
               It is the feeling of Aerospace Lodge officers and Trustees that cold inclement weather during this time period puts 
               visitors at risk for their own well being.

Aerospace officers and Trustees

Heath Masonic Complex                      (740) 522 1313

Our mission is to assist the Lodges and Licking Chapter of the Eastern Star in the upkeep of Temple Building and provide a hospitable building for their place of meeting and activities.

Calendar of Events March 2019  

                              March 07           Trustee Meeting                                                                     Stated                                         7:00 PM

                              March 09, 2019  Aerospace Lodge #800                                                 Consecration                          11:00 AM
                              March 14           Stated Meeting (Aerospace #800)                               Stated                                         7:00 PM

                                                                                                     2019 Blue Lodge Inspection 19th District

             Friday,        February 22, 2019             7:00 PM    Newark         #97                                        EA                      Refreshment
            Tuesday,   February 26, 2019              7:00 PM    Thrall #170  Fredericktown              EA                      Dinner
            Wednesday, March 13, 2019               7:00 PM    Aerospace  #800                                      EA                       Dinner
             Saturday,       March 16, 2019                7:00 PM   Hebron  #116                                             FC                       Refreshment
             Thursday,      March 21, 2019                 7:00 PM  Plainfield  #224                                         EA                       Dinner
             Saturday,       March 23, 2019                 7:00 PM  Farmers                                                          MM                    Dinner
             Monday,         March 25, 2019                  7:00 PM  Lone Star                                                      FC                        Dinner
             Saturday,       March 30, 2019                  9:00 AM  Center                                                            EA                        Refreshment


                                                              Aerospace Lodge #800 will be Consecrated March 9th at 11:00 AM.

     The Lodge would like to have at least 40 Master Masons in attendance, they do not need to be Aerospace Members.

     9 Past Masters of Aerospace will be needed to participate in the ceremony.  It will be allowed to use an Honorary Member         that is a Past Master.

      Aerospace Lodge will be responsible for the following;
                     Lodge Master will open the lodge by order of the Grand Lodge and the SD will display the lights at the altar, 
                     Chaplain, will lead in prayer.  Master will then instruct the brethren assembled to give the Pledge of Allegiance
                     to the flag.

                     There will be an alarm at the door.  JW will answer the alarm afterwards reporting " reporting Grand Officers
                      are about to enter."   SW will go to the door and escort the line of Grand Officers into the Lodge and take station.

                     The Grand Marshall will take over at that time.  9 Past Masters will be in that line holding the Implements assigned
                      to them.  There will be spare chairs set up for the WM, Chaplain, SW, and JW to move to, giving the Grand Officer
                      the East.  The ceremony will be led by the Grand Master.

                      The ceremony should take less than an hour.  The Grand Master will close the Lodge in "Ample Form."  SW will
                       close the great lights and extinguish the lesser.

      Hope to see  you there.


Trustee Report
 February 2019

  • Elected Officers:
                     Jack Hood
                     Jim Light
                     Chuck Gaiser
                     Brian Athey

To Lodge Members and their Guests
Every other Tuesday the Temple has a breakfast for all to attend (Masons and non-Masons alike).  This is a small fundraiser
for the Temple and the donation requested is $5.00.  Be there at 9:00 am and enjoy a wonderful breakfast and great fellowship.

Please be sure that all interior lights are turned out. 
All exterior doors are closed and locked.
The parking lot lights are on a timer.

   Aerospace Lodge #800

Master:                         Fred Nickerson                                                                        Senior Deacon:  Michael Gilbert
Senior Warden:       Trevor Spurgeon                                                                     Junior Deacon:   Tyler Vanvelzor
Junior Warden:       Tyler Musick                                                                               Chaplain:              Fred Palmer
Secretary:                   John Patrick                                                                                 Tyler:                        Jim Sharrock
Treasurer:                   Fred Paul