Heath Masonic Complex                      (740) 522 1313

Our mission is to assist the Lodges and Licking Chapter of the Eastern Star in the upkeep of Temple Building and provide a hospitable building for their place of meeting and activities.

Calendar of Events June2018

                              June  12                     Heath Masonic Complex                                              Breakfast                                 9:00 AM
                              June 14                      Aerospace UD                                                                     Stated                                        7:00 PM
                              June  21                    Trustee Meeting                                                                Stated                                        7:00 PM
                              June 26                      Heath Masonic Complex                                              Breakfast                                 9:00 PM

2018 Blue Lodge Inspection 19th District



Trustee Report
 May 2018

  • Elected Officers:
                     Chairman:               Gary Church
                     Vice Chairman:     Jim Light
                     Secretary:               Chuck Gaiser

    Trustee's will meet 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00PM.

    Issues that will need to be resolved:
  • What to do with money in the Temple Board account?
  • Deed from Temple Board needs transferred to Blue Lodge
  • Change name on all utility accounts
  • Budget has been prepared and presented to finance committee
  • Who will do yard work, currently being done by Bill Bevard at $25.00 per mowing, or have a member volunteer
  • Cleaning of Lodge, Temple Board did this in past, who should be responsible now, suggested that Master of Lodge could appoint committee or hire a cleaning person.   

Chuck Gaiser/Secretary

To Lodge Members and their Guests
Every other Tuesday the Temple has a breakfast for all to attend (Masons and non-Masons alike).  This is a small fundraiser
for the Temple and the donation requested is $5.00.  Be there at 9:00 am and enjoy a wonderful breakfast and great fellowship.

Please be sure that all interior lights are turned out. 
All exterior doors are closed and locked.
The parking lot lights are on a timer.

 Newly consolidated Lodge, Aerospace UD, conducted it's first meeting on January 11, 2018 with election and installation of officers.

Master:                         Brian Athey                                                                        Senior Deacon:  Tyler Musick
Senior Warden:       Kyle Fulton                                                                         Junior Deacon:   Michael Gilbert
Junior Warden:       Trevor Spurgeon                                                             Tyler:                        Jim Sherrock
Treasurer:                  Charles Gaiser                                                                  Chaplain:                Ross Barry
Secretary:                   John Patrick

one year term Trustees:    Gary Church and Fred Paul

two year term Trustees:   Charles Gaiser and Bud Light

three year term Trustee: Jack Hodd